New Years Resolution

It?s February and I am just getting around posting something that you may have seen in everyone?s blog.

New Years Resolutions.

I usually don’t talk about my New Years Resolution for one simple reason. I have a bad track record in starting them or even completing them.

So, this year is different. I decided to not make a list of things I want to do. I am going to live 2009 with 2 simple ideas. Change, Hope and Ganas.

Okay so I guess 2 is really 3. But, my New Year resolution is not a list of items but is more of a way of life.

My father thought me many things. One of them was to live your life and everything else will just fall in place. So, that is what I decided to do for 2009.

Change – Change to me is simple. Take one thing and change it. For me is the word Live. I decided to just think of the word Living. I could make a list of eating healthier, diet up, exercise, take vitamins, cut transfat, and so on. But, I enjoy a simplified life. So, just thinking of “Living” has made it easier to remember all those things.

I am also tired of never having time for all my projects. So, this year I will change that. By making time or figuring out how to time travel. I believe making more time will be an easier task to figure out how to time travel. So, if I have nap 3 hours a day instead of sleeping 6-8 hours so be it.

Hope – Hope has been powerful to me. But, not hope as in religion. But, hope that this year is my tip. A term I first heard from Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki). The tip is when your product, your service, your brand takes off. In my case we are talking about me. Not a product, not a service, not a brand. Just me. I hope that 2009 is that year that makes me go wow. That was the year everything changed for the better.

Ganas – “Echale Ganas” is something many spanish speaking kids have heard from their parents, uncles, family, and friends. Ganas is giving heart to something. So, for me 2009 is the year “Que le voy a dar Ganas” in everything I do. From making time, living, do my project with GarageCoLocation, blog more, work on DMS videos, and make sure I don’t miss anything from my kids and family.

But, one thing I will never change is proof reading my post. So, count the typos and e-mail me.

So, everyone lets make 2009 awesome so we can only make 2010 ever more awesome.