New to me

It’s official.


It has been a while since my blog has been updated. Eventhough it has been weeks it sure has felt like months. Many things have happen. Many traggedies. But, then again. Many good things.

For one I am not a proud father. It is hard to imagine me a father since I am still a kid at heart. But, like someone I know put it. “You look at your child and you see your DNA”. To an extent I feel it when I hold her. Is a new feeling I never though I would feel. A feeling that somehow now your child completes you.

But, I know the chanllenges are ahead.

I am also at my new job. The only think I can say about it is that I LOVE IT. For the first time I get a job that I get to do what I like and where I am important and valuable for the company. No longer am I programmer #99391203. I am know “Dave Mora”

I love that feeling. I just hope this Star up works out 🙂