Written by Dave Mora
On Aug 06 , 2005 for Daily Rants

New Job


So, I got a new job since the Verizon Consulting job is over. I am now working for a software developing company that deals with Optometry office. It is a small business. Close to 30 employees. It has been a while since I worked for a small firm. The fact that I am Dave Mora API Developer and not Programmer #45543 makes me happy.

I took a small paycut but every morning the receptions salutes me by name makes it well worth it.

At least to me.

But, now I have been offered a CTO / Director of IT position for a new start up. I really like the new company that I am working for but the opportunity to be a suit for a startup may be something that will not come by often. The fact that they are attempting to recruit me for that role makes me think. What If.

What if

What if this is the gateway into a new role. A leader role. Not bad for a “Beaner” from Guate.

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