Written by Dave Mora
On Jul 26 , 2011 for eUNKNOWN

Access my private cloud


So, if you reading this is because I am inviting you to my private cloud to access my #awesome data.

If you download a video and are having a problem playing it back. I will suggest you install http://www.videolan.org/index.html. The VideoLan Player installs on any computer and plays almost every video format.

When you visit link I provide you. You will be asked to enter a username and password. You should see the window as shown below.

Tonido Login Screen

Enter the username and password that you have been provided.

Once you login you should see a list of files that you have access. You should now see the windows as shown below.

Tonido List of Files

Now look for the files, picture, video, or document that you are looking for. To the right you should see a simple icon with an arrow pointing down as shown below.

Tonido Plug start downloading

When you click on it it should start downloading.

Please remember this cloud is located in my office with a limit amount of connection speed. So, depending on the file size it might take a few minutes. So, please be patient.

Enjoy. 🙂

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