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Written by Dave Mora
On Aug 25 , 2008 for DMS on Location

DMS-onLocation at


After attending the New Media Expo in Vegas I stopped by at on my way out of Sin City.

When I entered the lobby of Zappos I realized I was in for a treat. I was now at a company with a different mind set and attitude from others I have visited.

The lobby was not your usual quite, boring, and intimidating lobby. Instead the lobby was full of energy and the atmosphere made me happy just entering the building.

Any time you walk into a lobby and you see a popcorn machine and a Dance Dance Revolution Arcade (DDR) you know your day is starting off on a good note.

I was not aware that Zappos gives a tour to anyone who is interested. I was not the only one in the lobby with a smile waiting.

I was lucky enough to get a “Private Tour” even if it was not designed that way. Jerry Tidmore was my personal tour guide and gave me alot of insight not only on the company history but the also the company culture.

I felt like a king having my own tour guide.

When I was asked to pick a crown and pose for a picture.

I am a VIP at Good times. Dave Mora is the King. At least for a day.

Now, I officially felt like King at Zappos and have a picture to prove it.

Tony Hsieh was kind enough to spend a few minutes at the lobby and answer my silly questions.

I left Vegas with mixed emotions. I was happy that I got to spend my Monday morning with nice and awesome people. But, sad that I am not a Zappos employee. Everyone I spoke with expressed a sincere love for Zappos and it seemed genuine.

Now, I am not saying everyone at Zappos is happy and loves it. Because, I did not speak with everyone. But, everyone had a smile and said hello. I was even informed I am welcomed anytime to visit.

If I ever move to Vegas will the first site I will visit.

If you want a tour of the place just e-mail and make sure you check out the “Quite Room”.

If you are a Zappos employee please leave a comment and let me know if you really love Zappos or missed out on the true Zappos.

– EnJoY

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