Written by Dave Mora
On Aug 25 , 2008 for DMS on Location

DMS-onLocation at Zappos.com


After attending the New Media Expo in Vegas I stopped by at Zappos.com on my way out of Sin City.

When I entered the lobby of Zappos I realized I was in for a treat. I was now at a company with a different mind set and attitude from others I have visited.

The lobby was not your usual quite, boring, and intimidating lobby. Instead the lobby was full of energy and the atmosphere made me happy just entering the building.

Any time you walk into a lobby and you see a popcorn machine and a Dance Dance Revolution Arcade (DDR) you know your day is starting off on a good note.

I was not aware that Zappos gives a tour to anyone who is interested. I was not the only one in the lobby with a smile waiting.

I was lucky enough to get a “Private Tour” even if it was not designed that way. Jerry Tidmore was my personal tour guide and gave me alot of insight not only on the company history but the also the company culture.

I felt like a king having my own tour guide.

When I was asked to pick a crown and pose for a picture.

I am a VIP at Zappos.com Good times. Dave Mora is the King. At least for a day.

Now, I officially felt like King at Zappos and have a picture to prove it.

Tony Hsieh was kind enough to spend a few minutes at the lobby and answer my silly questions.

I left Vegas with mixed emotions. I was happy that I got to spend my Monday morning with nice and awesome people. But, sad that I am not a Zappos employee. Everyone I spoke with expressed a sincere love for Zappos and it seemed genuine.

Now, I am not saying everyone at Zappos is happy and loves it. Because, I did not speak with everyone. But, everyone had a smile and said hello. I was even informed I am welcomed anytime to visit.

If I ever move to Vegas jobs.zappos.com will the first site I will visit.

If you want a tour of the place just e-mail tours@zappos.com and make sure you check out the “Quite Room”.

If you are a Zappos employee please leave a comment and let me know if you really love Zappos or missed out on the true Zappos.

– EnJoY

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    • Thank you for your comment to such an old Post. I always enjoy new visitors finding my blog via an old post.

      The one thing I walked away from Zappos was that I wanted to work at Zappos.

      Not sure if you got home and checked out the Zappos Jobs section like I did. 🙂

      I now advise people. When in Vegas visit Zappos.

    • Very interesting. I also visited Zappos and took the tour. I had a wonderful time. It must not be a fluke if there are multiple bloggers like us out there that hold such a high regard for Zappos!

    • GH

      I work at Zappos and love it! I work at our fulfillment center in Kentucky and this is the best job I have ever had! I have worked here for a year and I still look forward to coming to work each morning!

    • April

      I work for Zappos. I have been with the company for almost a year and I have to say it has been a great year so far. I love coming to work and knowing that everyone is a close-knit family. Everywhere people are laughing and having fun. On my breaks I play Rock Band with my co-workers. Who else can say that about where they work?

    • Wow, I feel like the odd ball here, I don’t work at Zappos! Lol. But I love their shoe selection 😀 Had no idea they were selling more stuff now, I haven’t visited their site in months, I must look into it.

    • Arni


      I experienced the tour when I was in Vegas last August. Actually, my gf wanted the tour and I just tagged along to see if Zappos is really as great as they show in their blogs and youtube videos. I tell you, I was really impressed with the environment and culture the people at Zappos have. I mean even the finance people are having fun.. 😛 Laura was our tour guide and I also had my seat as the Pope at the Zappos throne (thanks Dr. Vik!). I also follow a lot of Zappos employees in twitter and could tell if they love it or not at Zappos. Of course some have bad days but mostly have great days. Too bad we missed Tony but I took a picture of his cubicle (that’s right sports fans.. cubicle) and his cube is as messy as mine (although he was out for a few days…

      Anyway, that experience is making me consider moving to Vegas (from SF) to work at Zappos.

    • I am a Zappos employee that is in my late twenties and I hope to retire with this company. If I have to EVER go anywhere else for employment I will be doing myself a disservice. Even when I think about being self employed, because I am both a student and a freelance journalist, I am reminded about how much I truly care for many of my co-workers and view more than a couple as true friends. I then question whether or not I even would WANT to be self employed and be forced with the prospect of leaving Zappos. . . its the most strange and exciting feeling, being here, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

    • EggRoller

      It is true not everyone may like their job here. I love my job at Zappos.com! I am glad that you got to experience what I live everyday! I come in with a smile on my face and I leave with a smile on my face. I am truly very lucky that I work here because the positivity that I leave with makes my day all the more easier.

    • Pam G

      As a Zapponian since the end of this past January, I have decided that I will never work any place else in this world. As much as I hate the desert heat (having been born & raised in the Las Vegas valley), Zappos is the one reason I WANT to stay here! Some mornings I don’t feel so great and wish I could stay in bed, except that would mean I would miss a day of work. At past jobs, that meant nothing to me. But at Zappos missing a day of work is a VERY disappointing thought. So I get my butt out of bed and have a better day at work than I would have had in bed at home! ^_^

    • I am a Zapponian and there is no better company than Zappos. I truly love it. I have been here for 2 years and actually it is more than that now but why would you want to quit a great company like ours? I can honestly say I love coming to my job EVERYDAY(how many people can actually say that). We are all one big family here. And Tony he is awesome! He doesn’t have his own office he actually sits out with everyone else!

    • I have been working at Zappos since January and I love it! So much so that I convinced my wife to apply, and she just finished training! I cannot think of a better place to work! so, I’m not ‘Everyone’ but I am one, and that’s a good start! We definitely have a different business model when it comes to how we handle the everyday workplace, and I really think it works!

    • kzello

      Well i work for zappos and it is truly everything that you saw and more.the tour only touches the top of the barrel as to how great of a company Zappos is to work for. Even though they may offer money to quit, its only because we only want people around here that truly fit the culture and want to be here.Teh core values that our company live by are the best and i am not sure of any other company that is this great and has employees and not to mention customers that are the best.i love working here and hope that this is my last job.

    • Christina

      I work at Zappos. I truly do love it here. Of course we have normal ups and downs as does anyone but this is honestly a great company. The open door policy is the best . Tony is just great he is a boss and a friend and will listen ant take action on your concerns. So come visit us anytime ..

    • Tamara

      They offered me $2k to quit about 2 weeks ago. I don’t even think I would give up this job for $10k.

    • GH

      I work at Zappos and love it! I work at our fulfillment center in Kentucky and this is the best job I have ever had! I have worked here for a year and I still look forward to coming to work each morning!

    • wasn’t zappos the company that offered its new employees a grand, to quit? You should applied for a job and quit on the same day. ^_^

      Sounds like an interesting company though, you might not want to quit.

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