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Written by Dave Mora
On Oct 30 , 2004 for Daily Rants

My Saturday


So, I went to the movies with the misses. We went to the AMC 16 in Burbank to see the new movie by Nicole Kidman. So, we woke up early to catch the 10:45 AM showing of the movie The Birth. I was surpise to see the a line already forming. The one thing I love about this theather is that they have a lot of self service ticket vendors. I just walk up to one and use it like an ATM. Select the movie, the time, the number of tickets and slide my credit card. I have it down to a science takes me less then one minute to get my tickets.

So, the misses and I sat down at 10:45AM I usually enjoy the previuse because I get to see of new movies coming up. But, I had to sit through 15 minutes of commercials thanks to the NCN. I would have not really mind if they were commercials I have never seen before but they are all commercials you see on regular TV.

So it was not until 11:15 when the movie started. This movie already had a buzz because of a so called sex scene between the charactor Nicole played the the 10 year old boy. So, I already knew the so called sex scene would be nothing but a sex scene because thigs get over hyped in the media.

Guess what it was not a sex scene. The movie was interesting but not something I will go watch again or buy when it comes out DVD. I might get the DVD for the misses because she seemed to like the movie a lot.

So, after the movie the misses and I walked over to Tony Romas and I was shocked to be told that my mozorella sticks are a thing of the past. So, we just decided to head go home and make some dinner.

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