My sad story

Dave Mora sad face image

Natalia Cigliuti plays Roberta Gilardi (Also known as Bobby that is a hottie) on one of my new favorite attorney drama shows Raising the Bar. She had a line that for the last few days is keeping me going.

She had a line that said something like ?When life gives you lemons get a blender?.

[ insert youtube clip here if found ]

But, it seems everything that can go wrong will go wrong this month. This is the month that I should be planning my third Halloween with my daughter and the first Halloween with my son and getting ready for ?Pavo day? and ?Navidad? but instead I am dealing it a flooded house, a broken car, a missing laptop and counting down to October 31st but not for Halloween but as my last day of employment.

I have been unemployed before. Sadly in the last 10 years I have been laid off 4 times. I usually see the cup half full but this time around my fear is that it will be harder to land that job.

With the financial market causing a domino effect. Many of the same companies I am looking for future employment are also doing major cut backs. It seems that instead of meeting past colleagues at my next new job. I might meet them all at the unemployment office.

Due, to nature of my job I can?t publicly say where I work at but I am sure I will make it public after I get laid off. But, then again they might offer me extra money to not talk about them publicly for X dollar amount. I guess I will decide on that once I know how much is the X.

Getting laid off would not be so bad but it is in addition to my commuter car finally breaking down. Is a car I paid off almost with in 2 years so I have enjoyed a car payment FREE vehicle for years. Getting another car means having a car payment. A car payment when all I want to do is add extra money to my savings account in preparation to my months of no work is not sounding good right now.

Then I have the flood. My fridge stopped making ice and started producing water instead. I came home to a flooded kitchen and living room. It was odd seeing my kids toys floating on the carpet. I found the source and started pushing the water out the door. I ended up getting a Shop-Vac. If you are a homeowner that is must have item.

I thought the worse item destroyed was the carpet.

So, after dealing with a carpet that smelled like a wet dog for the weekend the Insurance people finally sent a clean up crew.

The crew were awesome and educated me on everything they were doing and why.

This is the moment I learned that water is the worse thing that can possibly happen to your house. They had a cool little gadget that looked like a tazer gun. It measures moisture in the wall. This is when I find out my walls deceived me.

As much as they looked dry and out of danger they were wet. So, wet I easily made a whole with my finger.

Then the base boards were simply rolled off the wall. Is never a good sign when something made out of wood is bent and it does not break.

After a long night. I am now facing a kitchen remodel. Now as much as this would make some people happy since a new kitchen is always a good sign. I come to my policy and find the fine print. Some how their is a structure limit when it comes to flood. I thought it was 50,000 dollars. I come to find out it was 10,000 so far the damage is an estimate of 20,000 but can be easily rise to 30,000.

So, anything over the policy limit I am responsible for. So, depending on how much the cabinets are we can have an unfinished kitchen for a while. So, I am taking donations to buy buckets and use them as sinks.

Dave Mora's new sink

So, I ask you. Yes You. As one of my 2 readers. What was your worse month ever? Leave me a comment or video comment.