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My Neighboor took my cable! | Dave Mora Blogs!

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Written by Dave Mora
On Aug 27 , 2006 for Daily Rants

My Neighboor took my cable!


So, a few months ago my cable went out. I though nothing off it. I had the cable company come out and fix it. They, advise me someone took my line but they wont be able to fix it as my unit does not have access to the attic. So, the ran me a new “Homerun” to my TV.

I had cable.

Then a few weeks later another neighboor lost the cable. Same issue.

Then a few weeks a third neighboor lost their cable. Same issue.

The funny thing the same Field Tech was sent so by the third time he was pissed off that he had to come out here again and he found the unit that had the attic access and confirmed all 3 of us were victim of a cheap bastard stealing our cable.

The cable repair guy wanted to call the cops. Personally I wished he had.

Bastard made me stay home from work to wait for the cable guy to fix my tv. That was 300 bucks I lost staying home.

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