Written by Dave Mora
On Oct 10 , 2006 for Daily Rants

My mix tape never arrived.


The the misses enjoys The Roots and also enjoys mix tapes. But, now they are Mix CD’s.

So, I ordered J.Periods mix tape of The Roots.

I placed the order about 2 weeks out and still nothing. Not even an e-mail telling me it has been sent to me via slow mail. The CD was purchased through TruthFlies. So, I made the call.

I called and they informed me.

Oh, Mr. Dave Mora. It appears we were missing the zipcode and state on your order. We have made the correction and it will be shipped tomorrow.


Why did they have to wait until I called them looking for my cd to find out their was a problem. Damn, 2 weeks and the misses is still waiting?


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