My favorite NES Games

A lot of people always give me a weird look when I mention that my two favorite NES games were “The Legend of Kage” and “City Connection“.

Don’t get me wrong. All the NES games that make the list or the honorable mentions of the funnest and great games of the NEW era make those list for a reason. Because they are awesome games.

I love those games and I really enjoy their history and the memories I have.

But, these two games are the ones I had the most fun. Maybe because of the simplicity of the games I don’t memories of frustration or moments where I stopped playing simply because I could not pass the level. I think many of us played hundreads of games in our lifespan but we have only come to complete a handful.

Yes, I know I am generalizing and people will soon send me starts of how many games they played vs how many they completed.

These were the first two games that I remember completing. Don’t get me wrong when I completed many Super Mario Bros and many action adventure games and some felt good completing after spending countless hours trying to pass a freaking level.

I think the reason I enjoy these games is because they take me to a place in my life that everything seemed perfect.

Legend of Kage was only 3 levels that repeated it self. You got a few level upgrades but playing this game when I was 6 made me feel like I was truly a Ninja. When I look back at my memories I some how can remember feeling the wind blow as I imagine being the ninja jumping from tree to tree.

City Connection always made me feel like I was getting ready to watch an episode of “The Love Connection”. But, when I was 6 playing this game I started to count the days that I will be able to drive and jump all over the place with my small car.

Shortly after playing this game all the cars I drew looked very similar to the car in the game.