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Written by Dave Mora
On Apr 24 , 2008 for Daily Rants

Mr. Mom Phase coming to a close :(


Dave Mora being Mr. Mom

For over the last 12 weeks (3 Months) I have been home with my 2 year old and newborn. I took this time away from my real job to spend time with the family. Being Mr. Mom for the last 3 months has been awesome. But, it was nothing what I expected.

During my first week home I had this idea that I will have so much free time. I had planned to re-launch my site, launch my brand, start video blogging, learn and master Final Cut Pro, finish my 3 PHP projects, start working out, and remodel the back yard.

Well I am happy to report I got none of those items done. The only thing I come close to has been the re-launch of my site and launch of the Dave Mora brand. But, even that is onl 97 percent done.

I just assumed that taking care of 2 kids at home would be easy and give me so much free time.

Boy, was I wrong.

But, I loved the time off. This Monday I am going back to work. I am sure going to feel odd being surrounded by adults.

Good times I tell you!

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