MPAA is Scares People into thinking Everyone downloads movies

I read this article and it got me thinking.

How can someone estimate the amount of money you are loosing when you are making more money then the year before?

The truth is the Movie and Music industry makes more money then the year before. To me their numbers do not add up. I mean if you made 100 million dollars in 1999 and then made 90 million dollars in 2000 I would see that you lost money. But, the entertainment industry makes more money then the year before.

To me is a Damn if you don�t, Damn if you do situation.

I mean their is a wide spread problem with piracy but is the same widespread problem that we had in the 80’s and 90’s.

If the entertainment companies were loosing money they would blame the people downloading movies. If the entertainment companies make money they blame people downloading movies because they could have made more money.

They make the assumption the movies they sell on the street are DVD-Quality. Although they play on DVD’s and are on recorded onto Blank DVD’s they are in no way enjoyable. The quality is like trying to watch a movie on a projection screen with the lights on. Then the quality of the audio is even worse. The dialog is muffled and then you hear pops and cracks during the movie.

Then you have to deal with people talking and moving as the movie plays.

Because remember most of the movies are recorded in the theater.

Most people who buy bootleg DVD�s end up buying real DVD�s anyway. [I should know]

I still believe the people who only buy bootleg DVDâÂ?Â?s / CD’s are so cheap that they would not buy a legitimated DVD or CD any way. So, how can you count the money you are loosing from people who would not have purchased it any way?

Also, because I choose to not go to the theater does not mean I download movies. I don�t go to the moveis that often because they are no longer as enjoyable as before. I have to deal with parents taking their kids to an adult theme movies and listen to them tell their rugrats to be quite, having to deal with the 15 mins of commercials before the movie that I makes me forgot what movie I am sitting down to watch, or even dealing with the stupid theaters that give you assigned seating. For me that is what has caused me to not go to the movies as often as I should go. Not, Mr. Bootlegger down the street selling a copy of the movie that just came out on the theater for 5.00 dollars that has either the movie or actors name misspelled.

[Well that is my rant for today have a good weekend]