Monday, Monday, Monday

Dave Mora is Monday again

So, my first Monday as a free agent has began today. I am using the word ?Free Agent? to cover up the fact that I am unemployed.

I woke up at 5 AM only to realized I had no where to go. So, it was nice to father thing today. Woke up, had breakfast with the family, catch some morning news, and was handed what I am calling the ?Honey Do-List?.

We got our check from our Insurance Company. Although the money will only cover the damage in the living room and dining room I am happy to see some progress. We are still 30,000 dollars short to fix the kitchen. 30,000 that will need to come out of our pocket.

Not only is the timing wrong with the slow economy but with my a ?Free Agent? now it means no Economy or very little that is.

The golden ticket I thought my former employer would given me turned out to be more of a pad on my back as I was pushed out the front door.

Today, I get see how much it will cost us for carpeting the second floor, stairway, and possibly hardwood in the living room.

I need to stretch every penny so I need also learn how to do my own moldings to save money.

So, this my Monday. How is your Monday coming along?