Microsoft’s New Open Standard Chapter

Web standards have been an on going evolution. We are still years away from the the official release of HTML5 but we have come a long way.

Many of the web users today are too young to remember the years of having to use a specific browser to view the site the way it was intended by the person who made the website.

The years of the visiting sites with “Best Viewed in [enter Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator logo here]” images have been gone for a while.

In brief

During the years of the “Browser Wars” or the years that I like to call.

The years of Marquee and Blink Tags on every website you visit

We had to deal with special HTML Tags that only worked in one browser and not the other and we had two versions of Java Script. You had one browser for some sites and another browser for the rest.

I am starting to see that again in the move towards HTML5. When you visit Apple sites that want to show off HTML5 they tell you to get Safari. When you go to Google sites that show case HTML5 they push you to Chrome. Now Microsoft is trying to showcase HTML5 and they push you to use Internet Explorer 9. The rest of the sites are nice enough to give you a list of browsers that you can upgrade to and offer you Opera or Firefox.

I wont go into more detail about those practices. But, you can read more about it here.

But, I digress

What I wanted to talk about is how I am finally excited for Microsoft again. Yes, you can call me a Microsoft Fanboy and I will accept it. But, it is weird when Microsoft is the underdog when it comes to moving forward with technology.

I understand the push for HTML5 especially from Microsoft as we move towards the release of Windows 8. It is still unclear how much we will embrace Windows 8.

Apple has the ability to make drastic changes and Mac users, for the most part, accept the drastic changes and embrace it how the company wants them to embrace it.

But, PC users are unlikely to accept a major change without question. So, Windows 8 with the Metro interface will be a big test and might even be a huge fail for Microsoft. But, I sure hope it grows on all of us because I would like it succeed.

Here is a video if you want to get a glimps of Windows 8 and the new Metro Interface.

To many platforms not enough time.

I understand that I am not like most users. I use a mobile Apple iOS device, with my primary computer running Windows, and I use a laptop running Lion, while I play on remote Linux systems. But, I expect that a normal type user in the near future will be dividing their computer experience from a handheld device (an ipad, tablet, or mobile device) and a computer (a laptop or desktop). We have been sold the pipe dream of having a uniformed platform across many platforms before from IBM and the idea of Java. The idea and some technology has been around for a while. But, it has taken the latest web standard project of HTML5 to finally bring different companies together and be on the same page (for the most part) on moving forward with a standard that all browsers will be able to run.

I have hope that this time around is not so much a pipe dream with Microsoft pushing the use of HTML5 in their next major operating system.

I hope that I can have the same experience with my game or application on any of my devices. Granted, major applications such as video editing, development, or design wont run natively with web standards. But, the majority of small apps and addicting games will run from the web using web technologies.

Enter Cut the Rope 🙂

Here is one game that I am addicted to on my iPhone. Now, that the game was ported over to HTML5 I am able to enjoy it on my computer and other none iPhone devices through the use of a browser the supports HTML5.

Although, this game was ported over to HTML5 with the assistance Microsoft to showcase Internet Explorer 9. You can enjoy the game in Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

I can’t wait for the next logical step of mini games to enable a way to save my progress. I would like to start playing a game on my iPhone, continue playing it on my home computer, and then finish up the game on my work computer.

I am still looking forward to the day that I can run Microsoft Office with a better version of Office 365 through my Opera Browser on my Linux PeppermintOS distribution.