Written by Dave Mora
On Sep 09 , 2006 for Daily Rants

Me new laptop


It has been a while that I got my new laptop. But, now I am think I am ready to bitch about it.

My old laptop is still going strong it just has 2 issues. The battery does not charge and the AC plug is damaged. This are 2 items I can fix with 100 bucks. But, I decided to get a new one because It supports more memory, dvr and larger hd.

My old laptop was a compaq armada it is maxed with 512 megs and running hard with a 20 gig hd. CD / DVD drive and that is it. But, it still kicks ass running my SuSE Linux distro. I got my old computer back in 2003 so that was a top of the line system.

My new one is better but this is the first time in a while I purchase a brand computer.

All my other computers have been custom builts. So, when I turn on my new computer I was getting annoyed of all the preloded software that I had uninstall.

Then I began to look for the media. Now, I know that it has been years that manufactures stop encluding a Windows CD they usually offer you a Recovery Disk. So, my jaw dropped when I found no media what so ever. Instead I found directions on how to make my own recovery disk?

WTF is that. Are they cutting more corners now to save a few cents?

So, I then I went and I made my recovery disk after I removed all the crap that came pre-loaded. Now, I am also have a back up of a back. So, I decided to make another set as my double back up nature took over. Then I really got annoyed when I got this message.

“Sorry, only one set of recovery disk allowed per computer”

What the hell? What will happen if I break or loose my other disk. I guess I am SOL?

But, I still enjoy it. I mean I love my AMD 64×2 Chip.

Well me go mimis now.

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