Written by Dave Mora
On Feb 21 , 2006 for Daily Rants

Love is Bullshit and Bullshit is Love


Love is Bullshit and Bullshit is Love talk about a full circle of crap.

I close my eyes and I see darkness
The darkness my heart now feels
No longer do I see the light
No longer do I want to walk towards the light
No longer do I care for a light

I open my eyes and I am see what sorounds me
My new soroundings is anger, bitterness, and hatred

Anger I once supress so deap that I thought it was gone
Bitterness that I ignored and forgot about it
Hatred that I thought it went away

Someone told me they wanted the old me back
I think the old me that I am now is not what they had in mind

The old me hated the world
I looked at me now and I see that old me

Fuk it

My circle of life has made a full circle back to crap.

[Deep thoughts]

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