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Written by Dave Mora
On Oct 25 , 2013 for Daily Rants

What! Los Angeles has a Hockey Team?


Last year I finally started to have the free time to spend time with my family, go to shows, follow sports, and go to games. This years I wanted to be a season ticket holder for the Clippers, Lakers, Dodgers, and the Kings.

I didn’t get to get season tickets for all those teams.

Mainly because the Dodgers season tickets are crazy expensive when you want to buy the whole season so I had to settle with group of games. But, my family and friends got to enjoy some games with me.

Lakers have a 4 to 5 year waiting list. So, I put my money down and I am now on the waiting list for those.

I then moved on to Clippers and I manage to score season tickets for the 2013-2014 season. My daughter who is a big Clipper fan already go to enjoy her first of many games. She even got to give the team a High Five as they were coming out of the tunnel.

Then I tried to get King season tickets. Even after the good two years many people in Los Angeles don’t realize that this city has a hockey team.

Now, I am not sure if the Clipper organization has spoiled me with their great customer service. But, when I called the Kings Season Ticket group during the off season they took my money and have yet to call me let me know when the dates would be for me to pick my seats and pay for them. They e-mailed me but I didn’t see the e-mail until after they had the event so I failed to get tickets for this season. But, even after that experience I am still interested in getting tickets.

That reminds me. I need to call them up and see about my money!

So, when I heard about Hockey Teams playing at Baseball Stadium I figured this is a perfect idea to introduce hockey to a new audience.

When I heard that the Los Angeles Kings will be playing at Dodger Stadium. I was really excited. The idea of getting a group of my friends and family together for an day at Dodger Stadium to watch some Hockey sounds like fun.

But, then I got the pricing for that event.

Kings at Dodger Stadium

I know it is a lot easier to criticize and demand things to be done a particular way when you are not part of the organization or the process.

But, I really feel they are missing a great opportunity to introduce Hockey to a wide range of new people by offering this event with lower ticket prices. At least charge the same price for the seats if they were being sold as Dodger tickets. Fill up the whole stadium with groups of family out to enjoy something new.

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