Loopholes Suck

So, I was working on my a Linux project and my friend JiX IM’s me asking me if I have heard of a .pro domain suffix. I have not heard of it but the ICANN has done a really foolish thing when they approved the .god .lawyer .food and a bunch of what I consider useless suffix. The only new suffix proposal I would like to see happen is .xxx

Why you may ask? Well it will make it easier to filter out adult content from public systems. You would not have to worry about filtering every single site you can just enter
something like block + .xxx = no access 🙂

But, then how can you ask existing adult sites to convert to a .xxx? You can’t and I would not like to see them be forced either. I still would like the us to respect what is left of the constitution.

Back to the .pro

My friend was all happy that he got a .pro it turns out only professionals were allowed to register a .pro but he read an article on CNN of a company that found a loophole.

I am all about loopholes but, when the domain name .pro registration cost 99 dollars a year and you are the only company offering it I think is BullaCrap.

But I guess my friend is happy about having a .pro