Written by Dave Mora
On Aug 27 , 2011 for Daily Rants

My life is a book.


It’s been a while since I sat infront of my computer with music playing and just letting my thoughts get processed by my brain.

For those wondering. I am listening to

Tony B Live August Mix by thedjtonyb

I can’t help feeling that today marks the begining of my new chapter. I have written a post to update everyone on what is going on but it must remain as a “Draft” because of pending litigation.

I hope to get make that chapter of my life a small footnote in my so called “My life book”. But, it is not a footnote because it is not important. Infact that footnote was one of my major life lessons I learned. It forced me to realized that the things I want to accomplish now are the same things I wanted to accomplish 15 years ago. But, the reason I consider that part of my life a footnote. It’s because is a part of my life that did not define me as a person.

The new chapter begins with a clearer and more enjoyable path ahead of me.

For those of you that have been searching on Google for “When will eUNKNOWN return“. I think you can now google for “Did eUNKNOWN return as Dave Mora?” But, you can continue to google for “DJ Mori” because I don’t think he is returning as “Moriboy”.

eUNKNOWN , Dave Mora, Moriboy

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