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Written by Dave Mora
On Oct 11 , 2006 for Daily Rants

Leave PBS Alone!. Bring it FOO!


It has been a while that I have blasted someone on my Daily Rants. Today it appears that Alexander Cornswalled will take the blunt of my rant.

His post on his LiveJournal title “Do you know what your kids are watching?” just tiped over the can of woopass I been holding for a while.

Its all about the video clip below that aired on PBS on the show Sesame Street.

What bugs the hell out of me is people complained too much. If you don’t like what is on TV you have other channels to watch.

If you feel your kids will become republicans when watching a kid�s show has a republican person you are just being stupid.

If you think your kid will become a democrat because his favorite show growing up had a had a democrat character you are indicating that your kids are dumbasses.

If a show does not follow your belief or meets the guidelines that you have set in place for your kids the solution is simple. Don�t let that media into the home.

But, don�t try and prevent the content from reaching your tv by preventing everyone else from watching it. Be an adult and move one. You don�t see something that you don�t like just change the channel.

People who think far right or far left will just waste people�s time and never accomplish anything.

Well I feel much better now. Now time to watch the Clip again.

Now, I dont know Alexander Cornswalled . I dont even know if Alexander is a girl or a guy but sadly that person became the victim of my Rant.

-Good Times I tell you!

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