Written by Dave Mora
On Sep 07 , 2008 for Daily Rants

Lars embracing new tech instead of suing it?


Sadly, I came to find Metallica later in my life. I remember the year. It was the year of Napster. I like many kids my age that discovered P2P (peer 2 peer) networks started to download music for free.

I will always make the argument that yes we downloaded them for free. But, we ended up becoming fans and going out to buy the CD’s. If it was not for Napster I would have never gone out and bought all the Metallica CD’s.

Now, did everyone do that? The answer is no. Many people would go to the stores right down the name of the songs and download them. But, those same people would have never boughten the CD even if the CD would have been a dollar. So, please don’t count the loss of revenue from people who would have never spent a dollar buying it to begin with.

Okay, so that brings me to this Video on YouTube I found.

All through the video all I could think of was “Este, cabron talks like he loves this new technology when he sued the now defunked Napster

But, heck I even enjoy the video on this YouTube Channel so here I am passing a link for you to spend the next 20 mins enjoying the videos I enjoyed.

The Channel is suppose to shocase fans doing cover songs. Like this kid.

or in this case

Legos doing a Metallica Cover

– Good Times

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