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I am going to make an effort and list work in progress projects, future projects, past projects, and even projects that I am only thinking about.

You might wonder why would I even offer a labs section. Although, the labs sections here at on my blog is list my ideas and projects. Labs can lead to other things.

Example – I post an idea that I just have no time to work on. Someone reads it and works on it and makes it possible. Yes, someone can go on to make a business out of my idea and make millions from it. But, at least my idea became a reality. It makes no sense for me to have a 1 million dollar idea if I don’t even get off a piece of paper.

Also, labs have enabled projects to start and change the world. Google is one example of having labs. That idea of making other ideas public for others to see, consider, and work on. Has lead to products like GMail and Google Maps.

So here are ideas that I will be working on as my personal lab.

I have decided to pick the next 3 projects and dedicated 30 days to each one.

1 – Thinking of me? – This is a simple idea of finding out if someone is thinking of you. Inspired by this song

Keep checking back to learn more and where it released to.

2 – Discovering X (not yet started)
3 – MF (not yet started)

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