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Written by Dave Mora
On Nov 05 , 2012 for Daily Rants

Killing in the name of .


Now you do what they told you!

Rage Against the Machine is my current playlist as I start this #awesome week. Why is it awesome. Well for starters the business where I have my Freelance office finally moved. Although, we just moved a few blocks over we are close enough now to get better and faster internet.

I am not one to trust a whole business with a new provider. But, I introduced the business owner to give a local ISP a try. Only time will tell if it was worth it. But, so far they have been great. We have bonding service and load balancing now. So, I can finally stream Netflix and Music while I work here in my new office.

I was also given the okay to do what ever I want to my office. So, I am really looking into making my office in a “Geek Work Cave”. First thing is figure out what TV to get for the office and the proper place to place it.

Forget UCLA – I am going to Monsters University!

As most of you know I am working towards my goal to finally finish out my school stuff and although I wanted to finish as a Bruin. I recently came across Monsters University.

I mean. How can I say no to a school that has a Troll Bridge? Check out the map below.

Dave checks out Monster University

I just ordered my shirt. But, you can can also ordered them at here But, sadly the 4 sleeve shirts are sold out.

Dave Mora gets awesome Monster University Shirt

So with all that said. Who wants to go with me to go See Monsters University when it comes out?

Instagram gives us a public profile page.

So, I am still waiting for Instagram to make it to my Windows Phone but I guess having public profile might do the trick. It seems that Instagram deiced to give us public profiles. I would have been happier if Path moved onto other platforms. Because I do more picture sharing things with family and those close to me.

But, if you are instagram and enjoy some of my silly pictures I do share and are not following me on Twitter or are not a close friend to be a facebook friend. I guess you can now hit up my Instagram profile (When they make it available) at

And for my NOT WORK FRIENDLY article?

I came accross this article on Kataku – Some gamers live stream their games to an audience. Well after a gaming session this gamer forgot to turn off the streaming session and decided to explore with lady friend.

So, apparently some people got a bonus show. The sad thing though is that it wasn’t the first time. I guess he previously gave a solo show

This is why I always suggest you cover your web cams and a reason I enjoy the laptops that actually provide a build in cover for them. #justsaying 🙂

Now go out and have an #awesome week!

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