Jus Cheese!

So I have been going to McDonalds since I first step foot into this county. Due to the many years of nothing but McDonalds I now live as an Adult with bad eating habits. Don’t get me wrong I don’t blame them. I blame my parents for not teaching correct eating habits and taking the lazy way in making dinner. But, that is a whole other post. Recently I went to McDonalds and I notice one thing. Just like George Lopez notice that the word Fountain Drink makes the Drive-Tru attendents loose their routine. I have found out another word. I have gotten use to the Drive-Tru attendants say “Welcome to Madona” and them saying Jew instead of You.

Before you send me your hatemail. As much I love reading it please take note that I am a proud beaner and my back is as wet as the next one. With that said I continue.

The Misses like’s Double Quarter Pounder with “Just” Chesse. To me is simply means bread, meat and cheese. But, everytime we order the burget it destroys the Drive-Tru. When we ask for it with just cheese they always respond with “No Chees“, okay maybee more like “No Geez“. We then correct them. No, We want a Quaterpounder with just cheese. Then they simply say okay. When we always get the burger it has everything.

If you don’t believe me give it a try.