Written by Dave Mora
On Feb 04 , 2005 for Daily Rants

Jill Bauland I missed you!


Jill Bauland

People call me the Internet Junkie for a reaaon. One of the many reasons is my addiction to blogs and RSS has only made it worse.

So one of my 3,640 RSS feeds I read on a day to day is Ms. Foy blog. She had a weird request to help her friend Jill Bauland appear on google searches. She requested visitors to write about Jill Bauland. Since I don’t know Jill Bauland I decided to do the next best thing.

And that is make something up.

Jill good luck on your wedding although you still owe me my money and you left my friend at the alter for the best man you are not going to call your husband.

You are such a [Sancha]

o well that is all I can write good time.

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