iTune, Windows Media Player, and many other suck!

So, over the years I like many others in the world have been ripping my music cd’s into mp3’s. Over the years I have used different MP3 players. Although the devices them self have not disapointed me. The software that comes with them to rip the music does. This is an issue I have and sadly only 1 program has been able to keep me happy.

iTunes, Windows Media Player, and the software the comes with Creative hardware rips music in the following directory structure.


That looks great right? Well what happens usually in Hip-Hop/Rap CD’s is that when another artist is featured with the main artist the software creates a new Artist directory.

C:\Eminem Featuring Dr. Dre\8mile\track4.mp3
C:\Eminem Featuring D12\8mile\track5.mp3

So, now I have a Eminem directory with an 8 mile directory that does not have all the tracks and I now have 2 artist directory that only have 1 mp3 track.

Sure I can make a play list to fix this. But, Do I have to make a playlist for all the albums that this happens to? I mean I have over 60 Hip Hop CD’s that I have experience this with.

Well luckly I have this old MP3 ripper that rips the CD into the C:\{Artist}\{Album}\{Track} structure with out creating new Artist directory regardless on who else is featured.

This program is old an no longer available. But, you can check them out their old site through Internet Archive . But, the guy that help developed that program also made Audio Grabber and is now Freeware. This program has been around for a long time. As you can tell it does not look like much. But, if you are like me that wants to keep everything based on a good directory structure because it will make it easier when you want to burn a CD or Create a playlist based on albums Audio Grabber is worth your time.

If I am wrong and someone knows how to achive this in iTune or Windows Media Player. Please let me know.