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Written by Dave Mora
On Dec 30 , 2005 for Daily Rants

IT is Friday the 30th.


Work, Work, and some more Work. Work has been crazy. working long crazy hours. It is all worth it at the end. Well I hope it is. I hope this time next year I will be enjoying a 2 week vacation with the misses and the new baby somewhere out of the stats.

So is Friday Night on December 30th 2005. I am at work while people are out getting a head start on the party. I don’t mind because I know that after work I will heading home to spend the evening with the misses and baby. Since the baby was born that is time of day that I count down to. I just cant wait for the baby to get older and hear the her say “Daddy”. I just hope I have the video camera charged and ready to go.

So my buddy RonRon introduced me to a band called “She wants Revenge“. I must say, I am hook now. So hooked RonRon found out that you can get the whole track free from iTunes before it gets released next month. So he got it and not I have to convience him to give me a copy. I think this will be the fist CD I buy in the new year. And they say people who listen to copies don’t buy cd’s.

Last week I bought 2 t-shirts from Hot Topic. It has been years since I purchased a T-Shirt. Not because I am cheap but because at work I have always had to dress casual. So, to simplify my life. I just bought clothes I could were at work. But, now that I am working late evenings I can wear t-shirts. So I got 2. And they have easily become my favorite shirts. One was a Greenday Shirt, and a Black Sabbath T-Shirt. Before you label me as a poser. Please understand I have been a GreenDay Fan since Kurplunk before Punk was mainstream. So I am not a 20 something trendy fat man. I am true to my rock roots. LOL

I am slowly building my Black T-Shirt collection. But, since I am a geek. I am hitting up the and sites for my collections. Sadly this is the only place I can get my XXXL T-shirts. At stores I usually have to seatle for the ones they have in my size or walk away empty handed. But, some shirts I really like from some indy bands but they don’t make XXXL T-Shirts. No Love for the Fatman I tell you.

Well I am done with my post. Have a good night and all a Happy New Year. Chat with you Next Year.

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