IT is Friday the 30th.

Work, Work, and some more Work. Work has been crazy. working long crazy hours. It is all worth it at the end. Well I hope it is. I hope this time next year I will be enjoying a 2 week vacation with the misses and the new baby somewhere out of the stats.

So is Friday Night on December 30th 2005. I am at work while people are out getting a head start on the party. I don’t mind because I know that after work I will heading home to spend the evening with the misses and baby. Since the baby was born that is time of day that I count down to. I just cant wait for the baby to get older and hear the her say “Daddy”. I just hope I have the video camera charged and ready to go.

So my buddy RonRon introduced me to a band called “She wants Revenge“. I must say, I am hook now. So hooked RonRon found out that you can get the whole track free from iTunes before it gets released next month. So he got it and not I have to convience him to give me a copy. I think this will be the fist CD I buy in the new year. And they say people who listen to copies don’t buy cd’s.

Last week I bought 2 t-shirts from Hot Topic. It has been years since I purchased a T-Shirt. Not because I am cheap but because at work I have always had to dress casual. So, to simplify my life. I just bought clothes I could were at work. But, now that I am working late evenings I can wear t-shirts. So I got 2. And they have easily become my favorite shirts. One was a Greenday Shirt, and a Black Sabbath T-Shirt. Before you label me as a poser. Please understand I have been a GreenDay Fan since Kurplunk before Punk was mainstream. So I am not a 20 something trendy fat man. I am true to my rock roots. LOL

I am slowly building my Black T-Shirt collection. But, since I am a geek. I am hitting up the and sites for my collections. Sadly this is the only place I can get my XXXL T-shirts. At stores I usually have to seatle for the ones they have in my size or walk away empty handed. But, some shirts I really like from some indy bands but they don’t make XXXL T-Shirts. No Love for the Fatman I tell you.

Well I am done with my post. Have a good night and all a Happy New Year. Chat with you Next Year.