It has been a while

Wow, it feels it hat been a decade since I have logged into my little blog and posted something. For the 4 of you who took the time to e-mail wondering what I have been up to I am glad to report the 2 PHP/MySQL projects.

I am taking a few weeks off to remove the images of code flashing by when I close my eyes. That is one of many symptoms you get when you code days in and days out.

As many of you may know my friend Dr. Ellias and I have been planning to start a new Website. We have decided to take 2 things we like. Technology and [CeNsOrEd]. So, with those 2 things combine we have started the ground work for BFGmagazine. So, after my mini vacation is over. We will start working on that.

As I am typing this my RSS feed started printing reports of the Pope Passing on. CNN Reports. I am not a religion man but I do believe in a higher power just not organize religion. Although seeing someone one who has been in the media for such a long time does sadden me. Like when Johnny Carson died.

The one thing I always remember when I read something about the Pope or now reading that he passed is when my dad took me to see el papa. It must have been 1987 I believe. I must have been 7. I remember my father and I walking to the corner of Western and Venice and waiting. I was young and did not realize whom we were waiting for. I remember telling my self. “It is not March. So, why is there a marathon”. Then I felt my father picking me up and putting me on his shoulders so I can see over the crowd. I then saw this car that looked like a golf cart and a man in a white rob contained in a glass box who seemed to be waving to everyone. As he passed by I remember seeing my dad waving and telling to wave to the Pope.

Those are the memories I have when I remember the Pope.