Is the Weekend do you know where Saturday went?

So is Saturday night and now I am home. What I did today. Well I headed to Ontario. Why you asked? Well went to the Media Expo like many others. I was expecting it to be larger then it was but overall I was happy. I got to see some podcasters I have come to listen on a regular basis and I got to learn about some new products.

Leo, Leo, and Leo need I say more. He seemed to be the last stop of everyones journey through the expo.

One of the companies I was not aware of was Libsyn. To my suprise they seem to be a company of choise from podcasters I meet at the expo. They offer unmetered bandwidth for podcasting. They simply bill you for the space and the amount of times you can update your files.

A group of individuals I was introduce to was the group of LA Podcasters they put together a list of podcasters in Los Angeles. I am now a fan of Tres Jefes although they should lower the amount of time they say Fuk, Bitch, Sh!t, not because I get offended but because I end up saying Fuk to anything and everything after listening to the podcast.

LA Podcasters has given me an idea that will appear on here sometime next week.

One service I was happy to test when I got home was Taldia. They create voice overs from headline news from CNN, BBC and others. You select the categories and it creates the audio for you. This is perfect of those long comutes and if you want to hear nothing but sports news. They are currently in beta. So you get to use the service for FREE!!!!!.

I also got meet Mark “Jemsen” Titterington from We briefly talked about some equipment and what he recomended. Not, only did he really knew what he was talking about but gave me some recomendation on some other items I should consider.

Like I said before all roads leaded to Leo. Not only was he their with his KFI broadcast Through out the Expo people stood around the KFI booth. When the broadcast was over Leo excused him self and appeard to be going to the Exibitor Break area but it seemed everyone followed him around. I found this amusing until I realized maybee Leo was hungry or maybee needed his space. That is why I don’t approach stars unless is appropiate. I mean I would hate it if someone follows me around or stares at me. Once again I got to talk to Leo even if it was a simple hello, how are you, and bye at his book signing but at least this time I got a picture taken. I was also happy to meet Steve. The maker of SpinRite and other security related products.

I did not stay for the recording of the TwitCast but I heading upnorth next weekend. Maybee I get lucky and they record at the apple store in Frisco again.

-Man this was a long entry. If you read all this. Wow, send me an e-mail I might have a gift for you.