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Written by Dave Mora
On Nov 13 , 2006 for Daily Rants

Is it worth getting a PS3?


I had sat down to write an indept article about the PS3. After many rewrites I fancy statistical charts and breakdowns I came to a simply conclusion.

The PS3 will succed for the first 2 years then it will take a hard dive towards the way of the Sega Dreamcast. Here is why.

It will succedd becuase of the following:
1. Non-Gamers like me who have an HD-TV and enjoy movies will realize that a PS3 is cheaper then any other Blu-Ray DVD player. (This was accomplish by Sony alligning them on the market and pushing Blu-Ray and then demanding all current Blu-Ray makers to sell above a specific sell point)

2. The hype of the PS3 will make every gamer feel they are missing out if they don’t get a PS3 (This is the result of a sucessfull PS2 launch and making fans that waited feel that it was worth the wait)

3. Loyal games follow their games. (Games thare for the PS3 already have a built in audience)

It will fail because of the following:
1. The games will not live with the hype.
2. Blu-Ray players will get cheaper.
3. People who waited will be sadden to find out it was not worth the game.

Well time will tell. I will see if I was right in about 2 years. Talk about a long wait to see if you are right or wrong.

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