Is Friday u know.

Wednesday night at the house is Alias + Lost Night. No matter where I am at or what I may be doing. I make it a point to try and make it home for my Alias and Lost. Eventhough I have my TiVo shedule to record it I always want to watch it at least before Wednesday is over.

The misses and I got into Alias about a year ago when we rented the first disk of season 1. We have been hooked ever since. Although most people watch Alies and Lost for the eyecandy. I will admit some of the candy is nice and sweet but what keeps me coming back is the plot.

Recently in Lost they did something I was really not expecting. They killed off a character. The character Boone Carlisle died after he fell off a cliff while in a plane. Now, I can’t wait for next weeks 2 hour Season Finaly.

Alias is also another good show with some nice eye candy. 🙂 Especialy with the introduction of the Nadia Santos character played by Mia Maestro. I first saw her in the Movie Motorcycle Diaries. (mmmm)

So, is now Friday and I really don’t have anything plan. Maybee and misses and I will head over to IKEA for a couch. I guess people got tired of bring their own chairs when they would visit us.

Is Friday. Is Friday. Is Friday.

Will see what happens. 🙂