Is 3:40 AM why am I up?

Being sick sucks.

I have been sick since yesterday. What start as a little allergy attack ended up being a full fever attack. Last night after tossing and tourning for what felt like hours I finally was able to go to sleep at 6 am. Last night I had a fever of 100.

What sucks is that I started a new gig. So, I can call in. [BLAH]

Just a few hours ago after my body could no longer sweat anything out I lost the desire to go to sleep.

So, now I am here infront of my laptop with a fever of 101 drinking water so that I do not dehydrate. Although I am burning up I am cold and I have the heater full blast so right now I am confortable I am just glad the misses and the baby are asleep in the room and they dont have deal with the heat.

So that last few days. I have been playing with my Cingular 8125. This is the first time I have really had a next gen phone. I am not much of a cell phone junkie. So I always sported the phones that were in 3 years before. I mean I just needed to make a call and take a call.

But, now I am cell phone junkie. Cause of the key pad I bug people with text messages now and the fact that has built in WiFi I get my internet fix as long I find a access point.

Maybee once I done with being sick. I will go more into details about the phone.

Well the fever is still here but I am getting tired now so that is a good thing.