Is 2 PM do you know where your TGIF is?

New Tunes:
So lateley at my job I been some what relaxed. Although I have a major project in the works. I love the fact that my position is managed by me. I work hard and then take a few breaks. The best thing is the people I work with. I also get to listen to music while I code. I love that.

So that brings up this UK band I came accross. I really like their the name of the band VHS or BETA. I wonder if they might get sued once they get bigger for using VHS or Beta.

Well Friday is here. Although I wanted to go see Jarhead with the misses. But, plans failed so it is a no go.

The misses takes a brake:
So tomorrow is just me and baby. The first day that I will take care of the baby all by my self. Damn, it I still have not found the off button when the baby cries. I pushed the misses to go out with the family since she spends day in and day out with the baby. I hope she has a good time.

Last day for my former co-workers:
Today is the last day of work for my friends at the big VZ. Sadly they were killed off by the Outsourcing Knife. I was invited to go have some drinks with them after work. But, I fear I might not be able to go. So much to do today. We will know tomorrow when I update my blog.