iPOD Lights the Darkness

I am not sure how many individuals have had to deal with sheduled electical blackouts. But, for all the years I have lived in my community last night was the first shedule blackout I had to deal with thanks to the people at Edison. I am not sure why but the power went out at 11:30 all through the night. At least they sent out flyers to advise us. So, I made sure everything that needed power was powered by my APC’s. (Yes, I know I am geek)

But, not geek enough. I gave her a ipod video a while back. I use to think the idea of having video in the ipod was silly. Well last night I was thankfull for that idea. While she went to sleep I started to watch episodes of Monk that she in her ipod. I must say thanks to her ipod I was entertained through the blackout. Now, I am hook. Hmm. I guess episodes of “The Office” are next to be loaded.

Well that was my first post of the day.