Written by Dave Mora
On Mar 18 , 2014 for Daily Rants

My Internet Roundup links for Tuesday 3.18.14


For those of you that have missed me discovering these links and posting them in the last 7 days. I have decided to put them all on one page with my own commentary.

Enjoy. Well actually you wont enjoy them if you did not enjoy them the first time around 🙂

In the video below you will learn how to make a non toxic craziness that glows in the dark.

For those of you wondering how my 1968 have the fastest power windows? Well here is what I did 😛

What do you do when you encounter a shark? You remain calm and poke at it if it comes too close.

What instrument do you play? I play the Jeep!

I trully wish I could say that this song is so bad that is good. But, this song or whatever you like to call it. – I am calling it as an example of how not to use Autotune. This video blowing by the Wonderful Farrah Abraham. Is jut the worse thing ever to my ears. I am not able to listen to it without the need of taking a hammer to my head. 🙁

I would pay good money to have Jimmy Kimmel redo this video with the real Tom Hanks.

Be careful what butt you stare at

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