I made money on the stock

I made 2,408.45 in my stock portfolio thanks to Apple stock. I made another 710.05 thanks to my Verizon stock. Over all with my 100,000.00 investment I just came out 103,166.81 with all my gain stocks today.

Okay. So I did not really do that but I did. This is how. MarketWatch has something called the Virtual Stock Exchange. I started a competition where everyone gets 100,000.00 to invest in real stock and their real stock value. So far I am in the lead. But, I am have made some purchases that I know will bite me in the “culo” later on.

I am getting most of my other geek friends involve. Yes, I know this is a dorky thing to do. So, if you want to join us. Sign up for a free account and join the group / competition. The group name is BFGStocks all one word. We are so into it now that I even registered a new website www.BFGstocks.be since Registerfly gave me free .be domains that is why is a .be