Written by Dave Mora
On May 12 , 2007 for Daily Rants

I got Shirts now!


I have been wanting to sell my shirts but uploading my art to an online services always produce shirts that were not exactly to my art. So I gave up on that idea. Going to a local store always required me to have to buy 20 shirts of that same style and bogus set up fees. So I gave up on that too.

But, now I came accross another site that lets you do artwork with in their site. So, if you simply want shirts with text I think this is a perfect idea because then you are ensured to get a shirt that matches what you see. (At least I hope).

So, I created two shirts and ordered one of each. Just to see the quality.

Here is one of them.

The only bad thing is that “Gordos” are left out. They don’t have XXXL shirts.

I guess I will have to loose my belly to enjoy my own shirts.

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    I do not make any money from the sales of the shirts. I "usually" sell them at cost.

    #Team Gordo now has a shirt. Follow the journey at BlogofGordo.com

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