I come back to work.

Well today is my day back at work. How I miss my days off already. So, I was checking my e-mails and I notice an e-mail from National Novel Writing Month I remeber signing up for the 30 day 30 chapter thing and like always I am already behind since today is the 2nd of November.

So last night was playing Kings Corner Card Game when my cell phone began to ring. The caller ID read G4 Tech Tv. A while back I requested tickets for the November 9th taping of the The Screen Savers. The reason I asked for the November 9th is because that is the release date of Halo 2. So, I pushing my luck to see if I get some free gear. I requested 4 tickets so now the 4 people I thought would be able to come along actually cant. So, now I need to find some other people who would like to go.

So, being back to work feels weird. I feel I have been gone for weeks. Well today all people are talking about is voting. I had forgotten that today being November 2 also made it election date. Well I am so much into this election. Because I personally feel that either candidate is not going to help me out. Neither have a plan to lower school cost. Neither have a plan to generate new jobs and lower number of jobs that are getting outsourced. They talk about re-training but what is the point of re-training when the new field you got re-trained to is now being out sourced. I feel we as a country need to become both a hi-tech and manufacturing powerhouse. We need to bring pride and quality back to the Made in USA label.

But, what do I know, 🙂