I calling Diet Cola

I live walking distance from the tragic Metrolink accident. I have even been on that exact line in the past when taking to Simi Valley.

My heart goes out to the families affected.

What I am calling Diet Cola is on Kcal. Not, only are they releasing the name of the conductor prior to Metrolink but they are reporting that conductor was text a group of local teens prior to the accident.

What bothers me is that is all hear say and they are reporting it as facts.

Here is the video http://www.cbs2.com/video/?id=77167@kcbs.dayport.com the so called kids even attempted to make a tribute video only to have comments full of racist remarks or suggesting the kids are at fault too.

Tribute videos for the conductor have been uploaded only to have them removed by the user.

We will have to wait and see what the investigations discovers. I just cant imagine someone who has been doing the job that long leaving the station when everything indicates a train is coming.

I would really hate if we discovered the conductor decided to kill him self this way.

To everyone affected my heart goes out.