Written by Dave Mora
On Dec 02 , 2008 for Daily Rants

I am 1 of 4


Dave Mora and the Family!

I am sitting in bed with my lap warmer that is also known as my laptop. I looked around and I notice something. I notice how my family is a gadget family.

Dad – I am sitting here trying to work on some code before going to bed. I decided to only code in bed. That way I will be forced to turn it off when is time to go to sleep. The last few weeks I have ended up coding all night because I just can’t stop. I will see how long this technique will last.

Wife – Sits next to me re-re-reading her books but this time on her new Sony eBook.

Daughter Ascii – Lays in her bed. With a big smile as she has figured out how to navigate her ipod to watch her videos

Son Hex – Drinks his bottle while listening to some classical music through is iPod ready crib.

Now, that I reflect on my childhood I am kinda hating the fact they get to enjoy this technology growing up.

When I was 11 months like my son. I think was keeping my parents up in a single room shed we called a house back in “Chapinlandia”.

When I was 3 years old like my daughter I think I was too busy figuring out you can skip rocks on a lake.

I guess when they get older and they hate our 6 GIGA Flops internet connection. I can sound like my dad and say something like “When I was your age we had to dial into a our local access number with our 9600 bps modems, and when sometimes the lines were busy and we had to wait”.

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