House of Brews you let me down.

The House of Brews - DMS - Dave - Dave Mora

The House of Brews on Maclay Avenue is a popular place to get your Mocha fix in the City of San Fernando.

Many things sadden me about House of Brews. For starters they have been through so many domain name changes that I am not even sure if the place still has the original owner.

I have been to the House of Brews only a handful of times. Although, I always have a nice experience when I visit. I always end up leaving with something new that bugs me. If it wasn’t for the people I go to hang out with at the House of Brews. I would have no real reason to visit them.

I do enjoy their cold blended mocha and their hot mexican mocha. But, over at Yelp! House of Brews is loved by a lot of people. Foursquare also has people loving them.

This time I walked away upset that they have a $5.00 minimum when using a credit card. It would not be so bad if their large drink cost $5.00. I would at least upgrade the size of my drink.

I am annoyed by businesses that always find a way to past down their cost of doing business down to the customer. That is why I am always annoyed when they want to charge us a fee when using a credit card. Now merchants are setting transaction minimums.

According to Master Card they are not suppose to do that. Master Card notice my Foursquare check-in where I mention this minimum requirement and they sent me a link where I can report such a thing to them.

If you want to report a merchant doing the same feel free to bookmark this URL –

So, next time your heading to House of Brews make sure you take cash if you just want a drink.