Holmes for Homes kicks ass

So a few months I was surfing through my 1,000 channels. It was just another day where Nothing good on TV. It is amazing how you can have 1,000 channels and still their is nothing good on tv.

Then I landed on Holmes on Homes that one of the 10 Discovery Channels I have.

Basically the show is about a remodel gone bad. Most of the time is due to contractors that dont know what they are doing or just rip off the owners and left once they got the money.

Growing up my father was a contractor so as I child I use to with him to his job sites and got to see the mess first hand. My father use to show me how the previuse contractor did everything wrong and he walked me on how to fix it and do it right the first time.

I sometime wonder what my life would have been if I were to have taken his trade and not a compuger geek.

I guess the reason I like this show is because it reminds me off all the years I would wake up early and go work with my dad.

So people look up the show on your cable box. Is worth checking out.

Holmes on Home