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Written by Dave Mora
On May 25 , 2008 for Family

Hex is back home and well


The last few weeks I have been dealing with my son illness. The frustrating part as a parent is having the doctors know knowing why he is sick.

This ordeal all began with a fever. After 6 days of a continuing fever our primary physician went through the entire check list and found no cause. So, on day 7 my son Hex was admitted into our local hospital.

After 2 weeks and dozens of blood, urine, and other test that I have never heard before. The only conclusive answer has been. ?He still has a fever and we have no reason why?.

The one thing I have learned is that your own body knows there is something wrong and begins to fight it. Every blood results indicated his White Blood Cells were higher. So, they new his body was trying to make him better.

So, on day 12 his fever stopped they took his I.V on day 13 and day 15th he was released from the hospital.

While at the hospital I kept waiting for a team of specialist coming in with Haznet suits to prevent the spread of what ever my son had. I kept wondering if my son had crazy virus that has never been detected would we get to name it.

The other scenario that I kept day dreaming about was the guy from the Television show House coming in and telling me had this and that and we will need to treat him with a shot of water into his left leg.

But, I am glad that none of that happen and my son is now home keeping up with midnight feedings.

Also, thank everyone who txt me, e-mailed me, and Twittered ?Get well soon? messages.


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