Gordo is a State of Mind

Dave Mora cats and gyms

For the people that follow me on Twitter they have notice that I have become a Gym Rat that last few weeks. For those who participate in my conversations I thank you.

My Gym experience is hard work to sum it up. I have always hated the Gym. I am more of a drill or sports type of guy. I guess playing sports conditioned me to be that way. I would much rather run 4 miles on the field then 1 mile on the a machine that takes me to the same place where I started.

For the few people that have ran next to me and wondered how this “Gordo” can run 2 miles. Don’t be puzzled. I never had a problem moving or running and I was never the “Gordo”.

Just like anything else that you don’t pay attention to.

The weight slowly grew on me. Well it took many years of me not doing anything and eating the same.

Hey, what I can say. This “Gordo” loves food.

But, with change, hope, and the will power. I decided to use my Gym Membership. I hate to say this but I had a Gym Membership for years and I only used it a few times.

I think the few times I went in was to update the expiration date to my credit card on file.

So, this time I am making a bigger effort to go. Well, just an effort is more then I have given in the past few years.

The first few weeks were hard. I mean after 45 mins into working out. I began to reach for excuses to go home. Pain in my back, my knee, my shoulder, my hand falling asleep, a rock in my shoe, it is hot, I got work to do at home, and the list kept going on. Every item on that list is not real. Its just excuses to stop. But, I am happy that I have recognize most of them as just that. Excuses.

I don’t have a personal trainer. I don’t have a friend that goes with me. I can’t even find someone I can bribe with a free gym membership. 140 character messages from people on twitter is a major reason I keep going. Also, the idea that some people might be bummed that I don’t tweet out “Going to the Gym”

But, I keep my HTC pointed to my Twitter Timeline and almost like clock work when I feel the need to stop and go home I get a message that keeps me going.

Either a simple “Dude, ur x day awesome” , to “Yeah, I am at the gym too” . But, one message from @Lecter is one I always go to in my mind when I need to push for that final lap on my 4 mile run and that is a simple “Gordo is a state of Mind“.

Dave Mora state of Mind thanks @Lecter

So, telling my self “Gordo is a state of mind” is almost like Neo keeps telling him self in the Matrix. “Their is no spoon” .

I created a shirt in my Trademark Black and White text. So, Now every one can use the words of @Lecter to keep them motivate
Dave Mora Shirt

You can get the shirt here.

Ironic the largest size they offer was XXL so I have to keep pushing to go from XXXXXXL to XXL just to get in my own inspired shirt. LOL

So, if are ever in the Valley and want to see this “Gordo” run. @ me at @davemora

Again thank you all that Tweet at me. To many to list but you all do make a difference to me. 🙂