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Written by Dave Mora
On Dec 13 , 2004 for Daily Rants

Google Search is Evil


Google has become the trusted search engine. Not only do I trust it but also the millions of people who go to as their first stop on the internet or the only place to research people, products, or even places.

Is no surprise that we have come to a point where we ?Google? for everything.

The Google Search Application is such an innovating tool. What better way to just live your life. Save your content. Forget about it and just google it when you need it.

I am very anal when it comes to applications running on my system and processing power away from my CPU no matter how small or big the application may be.

As the Desktop Search Tools get more and more innovating and hard drives get larger and larger it will only be a matter of time that the indexing task of the application will slow down your system and the size of the index file or files will get larger and larger.

But, no one has really considered one thing. (security)

Besides being selective on what applications run on my computer. I also have a paranoid view in life.

Although Google, and I am sure all the future Desktop Applications, wont have the index file report back to the search companies or use the index file for marketing purposes. Neither has yet address the possible security risk.

We sadly live in a time where we have to deal with pop-up galore, virus infected e-mails, and worm infested servers and the idea that everything I have done on my computer, the documents I have read, the chats with my friend, the e-mails from my family are all logged and indexed on some file that the Desktop Search application needs to be successful.

The though of someone creating a simple converter script that will enable the Desktop Search Application index file to be turn into a .txt or even .html for easy snooping is not something I enjoy thinking off as I chat with my friends and see the Desktop Search Application running in my taskbar. Even the through or a ?someone? creating a simple active x control that enables the website to know you are running the Desktop Search Application and forcing your browser to download software that will allow a copy your index file to be sent to that someone.

If you want to read more about the Google Security Issues lets google it here:

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