Written by Dave Mora
On Jan 12 , 2006 for Daily Rants

Google is Evil


For the longest one company has been trusted day in and day out. Many few companies are given that amount of trust and honor. That company has been Google. But, sadly the last few months I have notice a change and I am not the only one. Google has been slowly eating up companies. They began offering Videos, Mail, Social Networking, Image Editing, Desktop
Search Engines, Instant Messenger, a way to explore the world on your desktop, and now they even offer Bundle with many other programs.

So what is wrong with this?

Well nothing. But, slowly I am getting the feeling that Google is the Big Bad Brother and is slowly positioning it self to take over the world. And their latest movement is what broke the camels back. Google buys into 5 percent of AOL. Why I think this is bad? Well for starters as a business partner
AOL should expect better search results placement over everyone else. Sadly it appears that I am the not the only one thinking this.

So, what am I gonna do now. Well for starters I have left the Google Search Enging a while back. I have been using Clusty.com

Clusty is good for me because for starters I am lazy. Clusty does the same searches but through other other search engines and it gives me the results I need and sets up categories for similar results.

I feel Clusty is to me as to what Google use to be.

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