Google Glass might restore our faith in humanity.

I for one am tired of all this Google Glass hype. But, I am in the tech industry so I guess that enables me to blog about something I am tired of people blogging about.

The irony – I know.

But, Google Glass is an interesting thing that we are going to get used to. As we have become used to people ignoring us as they pay attention to their phone. Or seeing people experiencing a moment through the lens of their mobile device and not directly the object in front of their phone.

Google Glass has a lot of issues that we will have to address as a society. From the privacy concern, the always on technology at our fingertips, and even health concerns to government big brother concerns.

I am sure overall we will see images of people getting mugged, hurt, or just awful situation.

But, I also hope the awesome situations and the videos of random people being good humans towards other humans will eventually be more common then the bad people doing bad things.

I know I over simplify life and I assume the world is full of positive thinks more then negative things.

I just hope that Google Glass showcases that and proves me right and the we see more of the type of videos clips shown below.