GoFundMe and send us to New York

The idea behind GoFundMe is not new. We have all asked friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers if they have a few cents they can spare at one point in our lives. We have all attempted to raise funds for a charity or even our selves.

Heck – Even the idea of asking for money online in the form of a donation link or a page is not new and GoFundMe is not the first or the only platform to offer you the ability to accept and manage donations. Although, it could be consider a long time provider since it was launched back in 2008. With the popularity of KickStarter many people are discovering or in my case re-discovering GoFundMe.

But, GoFundMe is one of the few that I enjoyed using. It’s not perfect (Yes, I am hard to please) but it’s close enough for me to trust with my fund raising goal of having friends, family, and strangers fund a family trip to New York.

Creating your page
For me being able to sign up and get my page going quickly is key. GoFundMe makes that step even easier by supporting Facebook Logins.

GoFundMe.com Login / Signup page with Facebook Support

I am usually not a fan of sites that make you use Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, or Google to login because many of the sites abuse that feature and think it would okay for them to start spamming out from your account to get your friends, followers, and readers to try out their service by making it appear that it is you sending out the messages.

I ended up using the Facebook Login simply because I knew that I was going try and raise funds for a possible family trip through my Facebook page. When signing up for your GoFundMe page via Facebook you can pick a picture from your existing album. That made it quicker to add a picture to my GoFundMe page.

Also, when creating your account keep in mind that when people donate your name is used and will appear on their credit card statement. WePay – Dave Mora is what appears on people’s statement who donate to my cause.

So remember to not use SexyPapiDrunk if you are trying to get donations for something serious.

Once you create your page you can set up a message from you, upload or select a picture from your Facebook Album, put the amount you want to raise, and add rewards.

The Rewards is an interesting idea. I think this works great if you are trying to raise money to launch a product. So, you can set items that people will get if they donate a specific amount. So, if you ever wanted me to give you a hug. You can donate 5 dollars and you get a hug from me.

The last thing I like about GoFundMe is that they give you the ability to withdraw the money as it is being donated. Depending on the reason that you are asking for donations. This feature will make it possible to pay things as you are getting funded.

The things I hate!
I don’t like the daily e-mails they send out. Although, you do not need to use WePay to get your money. You are forced to create an account with them. So, every day you will get an e-mail telling you to do so. You will also get an e-mail a few times a week on how much money you have raised. This can get depressing if you are like me that gets an e-mail with 0 donations. Reminding me that no one cares about my silly cause to take my kids to New York.

The final e-mail thing that I hate is that they also send e-mails to the person who donate informing them about your progress. Although, the person that cared enough to donate can unsubscribe from getting an e-mail telling them how much no one else has donated might soon start feeling regret for donating if they don’t figure out how to stop the e-mails. They are now going to end up upset that donating to your has now resulted in them getting spam. They might never donate to you ever again.

Sorry for getting SPAM from GoFundMe :(

Even after they unsubscribe and no longer get e-mails regarding your GoFundMe page. They will continue to get GoFundMe company e-mails periodicly. Personally I hate this. I wish their was an option in my settings where I can check “Never Bug The Person that Donated to my Cause. Because I might need them to donate again and PLEASE DON’T ANNOY THEM WITH E-MAILS” option.

It’s sad because they have really made it simple to create a page and super easy for the person to donate.

The final thing I don’t like is that minimum donation people have to make is 5 dollars. I understand their reason behind that. The last thing they want to do is have people donate a dollar and the cost is $1.10 to process the transaction. But, it really makes it hard for me to tell someone. Hey, you have a dollar to spare? How bout donating it to my trip?

But, I guess I can just reword it to Hey, you have a 5 dollars to spare? How bout donating it to my trip?

So, now that you have more information on GoFundMe. Go ahead and get your next family trip funded by your friends.

If you have 5 dollars that you have no idea what to do with. Consider funding my family trip to New York and head over to http://www.gofundme.com/Send-us-to-NewYork