Written by Dave Mora
On Nov 19 , 2006 for Count the typos

Give me your PS3 foo!


I dont understand why people thingk a ps3 is worth waiting in line for hours if not days. I hate the fact that people can wake their ass early to go wait in line with 600 bucks in their pockets (1000.00 bucks if the stores are forcing you to buy games with the console) but, they wont wake their asses up early to go and help feed the homeless and help someone out.

No suprise people got yelled at, punched, stab, shot and / or robbed for their money.

Also, not sure if the people that play are mostly loosers or thugs but the Nintendo Wii sold out as fast of the PS3 but no one was pushed, slap, punched, stab, shot, or even shot.

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