Free computer repair

I am always about helping people. Believe it or not most computer issues can be fixed free by yourself if you simply input your time in researching and time and error. Local computer repair business exist only to assist you when you do not have the time to or knowledge to research the problem. We are here to fill in that gap.

Below are a few sites that can help you when you have computer issues. This sites are community driven so somes times you do not get an instant response but this are all good start.
Forums, to help you remove spyware detected with HiJackThis free tool.
Google, simply enter the exact error message as a search.
Microsoft Knowledgebase

Also, I came accross a new computer repair podcats. You can submit your questions to the show at

So take a listen at the this podcast and e-mail the guy he might be able to help you also.

If you have other suggestions, links, or still need help. Please feel to contact me through my contact form here.